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Every once in a while we like to reward our clients with an amazing offer on one of our luxury or exotic cars. This is the page where only the smartest guests get to rent at an amazingly low rate or an exceptional deal that is unrefusable.

Check back regularly to see if you are one of the lucky guests and grab yourself an amazing deal.


McLaren 570S Spider

Welcome to the fleet – the McLaren’s “entry level” convertible, the 570S Spider. When a car maker starts their entry-level cars at $200k+ you know they must make good stuff. The 570S Spider is proof of that. This car is the real deal and an absolute speed machine.

Not only is this car quick but it looks great as well. It is a rolling piece of art. Did we mention the doors go up? That gets you from 0 to sexy in 2.5 seconds.


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